elle courtney events is launched!



Life is a flower of which love is the honey.
 – victor hugo

welcome to elle courtney events…ece..elle…whatever you want to call us!  we are so glad to be launching!  it has been a process but it has been so exciting!

charleston is such a wonderful place to get married and to celebrate love.  i feel so very blessed to live here!  i know that over the past several years, charleston has become a destination wedding spot and is featured as one of the most romantic cities in the US time after time.  some of elle’s brides are locals who grew up here and can’t imagine starting their married life anywhere else, other brides are drawn in by the history and romance and want to say their “I do’s” in this wonderfully historic town.

so i figured that i’d start off by telling you a little bit about me.  my name is laura…aka elle…and i’ve been planning weddings and events on and off for about 2 years.  i started doing it on the side while i was in graduate school and absolutely loved it!  and once i started, i couldn’t imagine not having it in my life.  little bit of a life change but TOTALLY worth it!

why do i love it?  it’s the best job in the world!  first and foremost, i love meeting new people.  it’s so much fun to be involved with families and couples who are planning one of the most important days of their lives!  i love becoming a part of the process and i hope that throughout the process brides and grooms come to see me as someone who they can talk to and confide in, not just the wedding planner.  i value honesty and am always available for my brides and grooms.  i make it a point to answer emails almost immediately and return phone calls quickly.  my favorite part of a wedding is watching the bride and groom dance and laugh and enjoy their wedding day without a worry in the world.  it makes my heart smile!

i’m also one of the most detail-oriented people that you’ll ever meet, but not in the crazy obsessive, super picky kind of way.  i mean simply that i LOVE details!  i think that details make weddings.  i truly believe that every wedding is unique because every single couple is unique.  whether it’s bringing a touch of your wedding dress into your centerpieces, making a slide show to play in the background while you and your groom share your first dance, tying ribbons around bubble wands, placing rose petals ‘just right’, or coming up with creative ways to celebrate your love – i  love new ideas.  i love inspirations and get them from just about anywhere!  i would love to help you and your groom find the details that suit you both perfectly.

so please, call me, email me, text me, and let me know how i can help you plan the details of your wedding day…

welcome to elle courtney events!

until then…love, laugh, and plan! 



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