grateful inspiration


the holidays are always such an exciting time of year but, once again, they seem to have crept up on me.  i can’t believe that they’re already here!  as i walk around and see the shops being decorated and all of the stores adorned in all of their festive splendor i can’t help but picture ways to integrate the beautiful colors into your holiday feast so here are some of elle’s tips for outfitting your thanksgiving table –

i’m absolutely crazy about fall colors and i’m LOVING what’s out right now…deep purple, emerald green, gold, burnt orange, and chocolate brown…what a combination! 

if your china is neutral colors, think about bringing color in with your tablecloth.  pick a deep color that will set off your plates.  also, think about bringing in another color with your napkins.  if you don’t want to go out and purchase new linens, go to a craft store and get a bright-colored ribbon and tie it around your napkins! 

another fun way to bring color to your table without spending a lot?  go to your local craft store and buy some faux fall leaves (you can even pick some up from outside – great project for the little ones – just rinse them off before putting them on your table) and scatter them around your table.  you can also place a leaf on each dinner plate and, as an added touch, glue craft paper to each leaf and use it as a place holder!

another place card idea?  buy small pears from your local grocery store and some gold push pins.  write your guests’ names on craft paper, cut out with some crafting scissors, and pin the names on the pears.  beautiful and super fast but adds a touch of elegance to any table!

i also saw an idea for some inexpensive centerpieces.  purchase a few different glass vases – different heights, different sizes – a few fall-colored pillar candles, some Thanksgiving Centerpiecesacorns or chestnuts, and gather up a few more fall leaves.  put the candles in the vases and then place your fall leaves against the sides of the vases so they lay flat (sometimes getting them wet helps them stick to the sides), then put a few inches of acorns in the bottom of each vase.  they’re festive and absolutely beautiful.  position a few fallen leaves around the vases and tada!  holiday centerpieces!

so have fun, be creative, and never be scared of color! 

on a holiday end-note, elle has been supported by so many loved ones, from family to our happily married couples, to our upcoming brides, our supporters, our vendors, and so many others.  so, in the spirit of thanksgiving, i would like to take a moment to say a special thank you to a select few of elle’s biggest supporters:

to my aunt and uncle – thank you.  without you, none of this would have been possible.  thank you for your unwavering support and for your belief in elle courtney events.  there are no words to express my gratitude.  i love you both.

to my family – mom, dad, and sis – you have always encouraged me, always believed in me.  you taught me that i could do anything i put my mind to, and have supported all of my hopes and dreams along the way.  you inspire me to make you proud.  i love you all.

jake – thank you for standing by my side and being the embodiment of unconditional love.  with you i know that anything is possible.  i love you.

to b – thank you for being an inspiration and for teaching me that passion is always greater than fear, whatever the cost.

happy thanksgiving!  and as always, love, laugh, and plan!



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