singin’ in the rain


hello lovelies!

what a hot summer!  elle courtney has been busy planning away.  we had an event in clemson last month and have an upcoming event in awendaw only weeks away.  look for new photos coming to the website soon!

this summer has been one for the books.  i personally love a good afternoon summer thunderstorm, however, rain and weddings are often an unhappy pair.  although the old wives’ tale says that rain on your wedding day will bring you luck, i have worked with many-a-bride who said that was just something that someone made up to make a rainy-day-bride feel better. 

with the threat of a hurricane lurking off that charleston coast, what’s a girl to do if she’s so ‘lucked’ with rain on her wedding day?  elle’s answer?  outwit mother nature!  rainy day blues be gone!  here are some ideas to incorporate the rain into your day!  beat the rain at it’s own game, use umbrellas in your wedding decor.  i recently saw a wedding where the bride and groom used oversized umbrellas scattered among the chairs at their outdoor ceremony.  the original idea was to provide shade but it turned out oh-so-chic!  the wedding below was completely inspired by umbrellas.  they used them on the tables, in the tent, they gave them to guests to use during the ceremony, and they even used a ‘thank you’ umbrella as a nod to their guests for attending their weather-ready affair! 

while rain can be a damper on your wedding day, look at the positive – rain can make for lovely photos!  so to prepare, buy a few colorful, fun and frolic-inducing umbrellas and keep them on hand, just in case, and opt for a photo like this. 

or take it another step and get coordinating rain boots so you’re ready to dance in puddles all night long!

or get snuggly with your man and let him keep you dry.  after all, there’s nothing more romantic than a kiss in the rain!  (the notebook?  hello!  so steamy!) 


and when the rain clears, go splash in puddles and don’t forget to take your photographer along for that perfect photo-op.

 while rain can be a bride’s worst nightmare, it can be a perfect opportunity for creativity and added spunk!  don’t let the rain bring you down.  if you’re planning an outdoor event,


 invite mother nature to the festivities and show her you know how to party!  weather is one of the only parts of your wedding that you can’t control (and oh, how i’ve tried!) so embrace it.  plan ahead for the just-in-cases.  and remember, if you have fun, so will your guests.  and remember the waterproof mascara!

until later my lovelies…i’m singin’ in the rain!


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