friday fabulosity! the wedding ‘man cave’…


happy friday lovelies!  today i’m starting a new segment – friday fabulosity!  every friday will feature a new inspiration or trend in weddings.  of course, your input is ALWAYS welcome!

today’s trend is…dum dum dum…the wedding ‘man cave.’  it’s becoming very trendy to have a men’s area at the reception.  if any of you are fans of HGTV’s design star, last week’s challenge was to design a wedding reception and one of the main points was the man area.  soooooo, what do you think darlings?  does your man get a man cave?  some have Xboxes, blackjack tables, a whiskey bar, a cigar roller. 

i’d love to hear your thoughts!

happy weekend, lovelies!  and to my coastal girls…stay dry!  show mother nature she can’t ruin your party!


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