friday fabulosity! wedding lanterns seven ways…


1. chinese paper lanterns:

paper lanterns are very popular when it comes to weddings. they add light, they add color, they can match almost any decor, and they are very inexpensive! ece did a wedding in clemson in june and we hung so many lanterns from the rafters of a beautiful open-air building. the colors were citrus-y and added so much to the space. if you have an indoor/outdoor venue, hang the lanterns from the trees for extra drama and to transition the look from in to out.

2. floating lanterns:

are you having a poolside affair? a fabulous fountainside fete? is there a pond on your venue grounds? consider floating lanterns. they’re beautiful and ever so chic. these are lotus flowers and i love the romantic glow that they give off. so elegant. i’m in love with this look.

3. wish lanterns:

these wish lanterns will definitely light up your wedding or reception. can you say drama? wish lanterns, also known as floating lanterns, sky lanterns, or khoom fay, originated in thailand. traditionally, each guest writes a wish for the newlyweds on the lanterns and then, all together, they’re released and light up the evening sky. believe it or not, they’re eco-friendly and biodegradable too!

4. lantern centerpieces:

whether surrounded by flowers, filled with candles, set in a wreath of greens, or a combination of all, lanterns offer an alternative to the standard floral vase centerpiece. there are so many options for lanterns – modern chrome, rustic wood, classic black, vintage bronze…take your pick!

5. aisle marker lanterns:

having an evening ceremony? try using mini lanterns to line your walk down the aisle. there’s nothing more romantic (or let’s be honest – flattering) than candlelight. Image courtesy of modern wedding –

6. diy lanterns:

is it a rustic southern affair you’re after? these diy lanterns scream southern charm. make your own lanterns to suit your taste and theme. you could use mason jars hung with wire or round vases hung with ribbon.

7. hanging lanterns

whether camp lanterns hanging from the trees, chic vases and crackle glass mini lanterns hanging from the ceiling, modern chrome against an open window, vibrant colored indian inspired lanterns, or vintage lanterns hung from a tent, hanging lanterns add so much to a space. again, the lighting is so soft and beautiful. you can do so much. feel free to get creative! make your own design. there’s so much inspiration to be found around the internet!

what do you think? which look is your fave? should we have a poll? i love them all!

farewell for now loves, enjoy a fabulous long weekend – toast a fond farewell to summer and bring on fall, football, all things pumpkin and autumn colors – yay!


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