elle’s fave wedding movies


i may be a little bit of a movie junkie.  i love movies.  all types, but mostly chick flicks.  i’m also a huge fan of wedding movies.  they’re all so much fun!  i was watching one of my favorite wedding-themed movies this weekend, the proposal, and it got me thinking…what are some of the best wedding movies of all time?  my mind started swimming with favorites.  there are almost too many to name!  if you google the best wedding movies of all time you’ll get exhaustive lists of a million movies.  these are my top ten – those that immediately popped into my mind for one reason or another.  some are more recent, some are childhood faves…but they’re all fab.  so grab your bridesmaids (or your groom!), pop some popcorn, make a chilly cocktail and settle in for a wedding movie marathon!

father of the bride –

i watched this movie about 100 times when i was little.  i truly believe this is the movie that made me want to be a wedding planner

27 dresses – for the eternal bridesmaid

the wedding planner – for the girl who always thought being a planner would be fun (full disclosure:  it’s SO fun!) 

the princess bride – classic! for the hopeless romantic

bride wars – for the closet bridezilla

the proposal – ryan reynolds?  yes please!

runaway bride – cold feet?  this movie will warm them right up!

the hangover – for the guys 🙂

wedding crashers – one for you both to enjoy!


and finally…drumroll please…

bridesmaids – if you’re ready to laugh until your sides hurt

happy movie night!


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