friday fabulosity! wedding trees…


it was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?  it’s remarkable i’ve made it this long before talking about it.  i’m talking about, of course, the royal wedding.  will and kate.  it’s been a few months, the  stories have died down, the dresses have been copied, yet there was one detail of the royal wedding that i absolutely loved that i simply can’t get out of my head.  the trees!  i loved it! it’s all about bringing the outside in.  the tall trees standing in the abbey, flanking the aisle.  apparently the inspiration was english garden but i call it ‘royal chic.’

so, since it’s your day to be a princess too, how can you bring this royally-themed inspiration into your wedding celebration?  bring it into your ceremony decor.  rent trees and place them to line the walk to your prince.  this couple, with their winter wonderland themed wedding, brought in tons of bare-branched trees and used electric blue uplighting to create that icy chic look.  how dramatic!  it gives me chill bumps just looking at it.  what do you think loves?  is this where kate got her inspiration?  just a different season?

another ceremony idea incorporating trees can be seen below.  tie together manzanita branches to create a tree look and tie them to the ends of the pew aisles.  if you’re having a spring affair, have your florist affix blooms to create a lush garden look a la royal wedding.  if it’s a romantic evening affair, hang votive candles from the branches to create evening elegance. 

so there are a few options to bring the outside into your ceremony, but how can we forget the reception?  an easy option utilizes the manzanita branches again, but this time, as your centerpiece.  how fab!  or hang crystals from the branches to create that bejeweled (and utterly royal) look. 

another wonderful wedding trend is the wish tree.  it’s an alternative to the standard guest book or photo book.  guests write special notes and hang them on a beautiful wish tree.  or, if you are artistically inclined (or know someone who is) have them paint a tree on canvas and your guests can use a green ink pad to create the trees leaves.  brilliant!  elle’s bride from next weekend’s wedding painted a tree on an old window and, after the wedding, is going to hang it in her new home. 

and finally, what about tents?  bring ’em on in!  use them to disguise tent poles or awkward columns.  this is my personal fave.  it adds drama and depth.  use white lights or uplighting to create added ambience.  the picture below absolutely made me swoon.  i’m an autum girl for sure.  i love the rusty reds, the burnt orange, eek! 

you can do this, of course, with any color scheme or to represent any season.  i bet princess kate would love this look!  and so do we! 

until later loves.  live, laugh, and plan!


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