friday fabulosity! a twist on the cake…


oooooh the cake.  the sweet confectionary that you’ll delightfully smush into the face of your new groom!  how fun, and of course, how delish!  cakes are often a focal point for your reception and you’ll want yours to stand out!  here are some fab new ideas for your wonderful wedding cake.

hand painted wedding cakes are so spectacular.  they’re one-of-a-kind, just like you and your groom, and they’re truly a piece of art!  choose a favorite artist or inspiration and have your confectioner create an edible masterpiece.

another new trend is not only have one wedding cake….have a trio of cakes.  choose different flavors and different designs to compliment one another and your decor. 

another fun idea?  individual miniature cakes either for the tables or for each guest.  what a sweet treat!

this idea goes hand-in-hand with the ever popular wedding cupcake and cupcake tower.

and finally, some brides are forgetting the cake altogether in favor of a sweets table!  baked goods, s’mores bars, truffles, oh my!!  some are opting for a smaller cake and yummy treats! 

so grab some champagne (because we all know it’s perfect with cake!) and turn on the food network, watch some cupcake wars, ace of cakes, whatever you sweet tooth calls for, and have fun!


live, love, and plan!


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