friday fabulosity! the mason jar…


so you know that i’ve been in the windy city this week. it’s been a fabulous week. i saw so much! i rode the ferris wheel at navy pier, walked out on the ‘ledge’ at the sears tower, rode the water taxi, rode bikes on lake shore drive…it was so fun!

but of course, i’ve missed charleston! i’ve mentioned emily and martin’s wedding from last week (happy one week anniversary averys!)…and they had these ah-maze-ing toasting flutes. they were…mason jars. just like these:

in the south we’re pretty crazy about our mason jars. in my lanterns post we looked at them as hanging lanterns but there are oh-so-many ways to use these fab jars in your southern shindig!

how bout some aisle markers?

perhaps your candle holders?

for floating flowers?

for your signature cocktail?

or, obvi, for your sweet southern centerpieces.

so many choices! i’m reeling from the potential possibilities! aren’t you? tomorrow we hop on the plane back to the land where the tea is sweet and the pace of life is a little bit slower. maybe i’ll mix a mason jar cocktail and sit on the porch and watch the sunset. grab your jars and “have some fun y’all!”

live, love, and plan!


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