friday fabulosity! fall-ing in love…


my dears, i apologize for being MIA last week.  i have been busy but that is no excuse.  please forgive me and take today’s fall-fabulous post as my token of appreciation.

last weekend i travelled to the mountains of north carolina just in time to see the fall colors creeping into the landscape.  i love fall!  like absolutely, pathologically love fall.  i love everything about it – the smells, the colors, the crisp air, the football, the food, the holidays…i could go on and on.  today’s post is dedicated to my favorite season and all of the awesome autumnal inspiration it brings. 

an idea for an autumnal ceremony reminiscent of our post on wedding trees.  rustic, simple, beautiful.  the uplighting brings an almost dusky scene to the venue.  to me, it looks like sunset in the mountains, when the sun is peeking through the tree branches before ducking under the horizon. 

i think one of my favorite parts of this season are the colors.  they’re so rich and saturated – deep golden yellows, rust reds, burnt oranges, and deep purples with hints of green, gold, and brown.  and they all go together!  mix and match your table linens or bring the colors together in your centerpieces. believe it or not, there’s a fantastic selection of flowers to choose from in these colors.  deep red calla lillies are some of my favorites – the florists at wildflowers inc. would be glad to help you design only the most beautiful fall bouquet.    and instead of a white or floral wedding wreath, use leaves, berries, and some branches to create a fall wreath with your monogram. 

if you’re having an outdoor affair, or just want to lead your guests to the door, check out this fabulous fall idea, found, of course, on pinterest. 

in addition to pinterest, i love etsy.  there are so many creative and talented people out there who can create darling items to perfectly match your decor. 

and don’t forget the food?  pumpkin soups, roasted fall vegetables, cranberry sauces, maple turkeys, and plenty of other fantastic fall finds.  and for dessert or favors?  why not a caramel apple?  who doesn’t love them? 

so my loves, as the leaves start to change and we bring out our boots (yay!) let yourself go crazy witha little fall fantasy. 


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