bite sized eats!


so i always had this thing about foods in miniature.  it is absolutely impossible for me to resist any mini food.  so i have to say, i called this trend before it happened.  now ‘mini’ foods are the stars of cocktail hour.  how fun and fab!  so how about bite-sized foods for your wedding?  it’s so presh!  plus, you can indulge in so many more fun foods because they come pre-portion-controlled!  yum!  for your apps perhaps mini grilled cheese with tomato soup shots?   or mini pancakes? sliders with fries? mini hot dogs?  and then for dessert – would you like coffee and donuts?  a shot of milk with your cookie perhaps?  milkshake shooters? eek!

how much fun!  your guests will love these tasty tidbits.  guarantee they’ll go for seconds…maybe even thirds, they are so small after all 🙂


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