friday fabulosity! champagne anyone?…


hello my lovelies!  i hope you’ve had a better week than i.  again, i must apologize for dropping the ball last friday.  to be utterly honest, it was not fabulous.  i was curled up on my couch with a box of tissues, drinking day-quil through a straw, and feeling completely un-fabulous.

but…the worst is past and this friday is feeling much more fab than last.  so i bring you this week’s inspiration…champers!  who doesn’t love champagne at weddings?  it’s a personal fave of mine.  speaking solely for myself, when i have a glass of wine in hand, i feel classy and chic.  it’s like i’m being transformed by the bubbles.  who knows?  champagne also makes me happy. (my fave is veuve clicquot rose)

champagne as a drink at weddings?  of course!  but this week’s ideas let champagne play the lead.  take inspiration from the color, the lightness, the crispness, and the sophistication.

champagne is a natural partner for pink and sweets.  in this wedding there was a lot of glass, ivories, pinks, and golds used to complement the hues of the champagne.  the food too paired well with the drink (these pears were soaked in champagne and then filled with goat cheese, herbs, and candied pecans…yum!)  i even see champagne in these shoes…the sparkles giving a nod to the bubbles!  and of course, make sure your guests have champagne to drink with their cake!

i also loved this idea for guest escort “cards.”  so fun! 

so drink champagne, dance on tables, and have a fabulous friday!


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