friday fabulosity! love at first sip…


every year i faithfully attend the bridal show at charleston fashion week with my fabulous friend and assistant erin.  a few years ago we went and, as always, had a terrific time.  after walking around the tent and seeing all of the fabulous decor and goods, we dutifully made our way to the bar to try a tasty treat.  the bartender handed me something that i can only describe as heaven in a glass.  there was champagne, of that i was sure, but there was something else.  not too sweet, not too overwhelming, but a perfect touch of something so perfect it was hard to describe.  i asked the bartender and was informed that it was an elderflower mimosa.  needless to say, the bartender and i were bff’s by the end of the show.  i had more than my fair share.  i searched high and low for my own elderflower ingredients, purchased elderflower infused syrup online, mixed and matched, but it was never the same.  so disappointing…all i had was a memory…

earlier today i was shopping around my local package store for a little weekend pick-me-up to share withImage friends this weekend, searching around for a little something new, chatting away about things to mix with champagne for a new twist when the ever so kind liquor conoiseur (who i was not chatting to mind you) says over my shoulder, “oh you mean the elderflower liqueur?” the what?!  who didn’t tell me about this!?!  you mean they have liqueur?  you don’t have to try to make your own?  because at this point i’m considering growing my own elderflower!  and sure enough, in an unassuming bottle that i would have never given a second glance, there it was – st. germain elderflower liqueur.  i found it, the missing puzzle piece!  elderflower mimosas, here i come!

now why lovelies would I be sharing this with you on a fabulous friday?  well…it’s a perfect signature cocktail for your spring wedding.  mix it with champagne and float a simple white flower on top and it’s both chic and your guests will swoon.  another great thing about it?  it smells  just as incredible as it tastes!  so loves, if you’d like to add a touch of unique to your champagne toast, go get some st. germain.  you’re going to fall in love too, i pretty much promise!

i hope your friday is just as fabulous as mine will be as i’ll be spending some quality time with old friends and my new friend, st. germain!  cheers!



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