friday fabulosity! the boudoir photo…


engagement photos, bridal photos, wedding photos…it’s likely that you’ll pose for more photos around your wedding than at any other point in your whole life.  you go shopping, choose the perfect outfits, and perfect your poses in the mirror…but what about a photo shoot sans the perfect outfit or sans outfit at all? 

what do you think about the boudoir photo shoot?  i am loving this idea.  picture this…future husband is with his groomsmen, getting ready to marry you, donning his tux, and you send him a little pre-wedding gift with a note “please open alone.”  can you imagine what he’s going to do when he sees you in nothing but your veil and garter?  what a preview!  it’ll be on his mind all day long, i bet he’ll barely be able to contain himself!

sure, it’s a little risqué but the only people who will see them are you and your groom (unless you post them online to share with the world – this photo courtesy of shelly rose photography 🙂  what do you think loves?  would you bare all for your groom-to-be?  are you too shy?  would you pose au naturale or with your favorite laceys? 

if you’re thinking of doing a boudoir photo shoot, call mellbella boudoir in charleston  –  they are the sister company of one of our favorite photographers, richard bell photography.  as they say on their website, it is their mission to “honor our Bella Beauties and their husbands, with classy and sexy boudoir photography. It’s part of our quest to remind women that they are way more beautiful than they think they are.”  so, if you’re interested, give mell a call – she’s fab!  and tell her  elle sent you!


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