friday fabulosity! vintage wedding posters…


i am so tickled over these custom vintage wedding posters i found online!  i love vintage touches, fashion, decor, and otherwise, and these can definitely be filed under fabulous! 

alexander & co. creates these one-of-a-kind pieces for you and your groom.  you can customize the location, the colors, the wording, even the color of the bride and groom’s hair.  the artist – alexander doll, writes this on their website: “Alexander & Co. is a creative collaboration between Chicago-based artist, Alexander Doll, and you. Your choice of text, along with multiple design and color options give you the ability to create your own custom piece of art.”  i am so in love!  there are multiple cities to choose from, alas charleston is not yet one of them (fingers crossed my strongly worded email of encouragement works!) or you can choose from a bevy of other beautiful backdrops.  they will create poster-sized pieces of art or pint-sized postcards (hello save-the-dates!).  they also make artwork for the nursery for your future little ones.  check out the catalog online and let me know what you think loves?  here are a few more fab samples of their work:

aren’t they wonderful?  one of them might have to be mine.  have a wonderful weekend!  live, laugh, and plan!

all photos in this post are courtesy of alexander & co. at


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