long overdue fabulosity…happy summer!


it’s been so long lovelies and i must apologize!  elle courtney events is busier than ever and loving every second of it.  we’ve celebrated weddings all over charleston this spring with some truly phenomenal couples.  i’m always amazed at the creativity of my brides and feel so blessed to become a part of their family for the day.  and now we’re making the transition to summer and things will be a bit slower, they always are, but we’ve got a several weddings coming up at the citadel beach house, cottage on the creek, st. luke’s chapel, and runnymede plantation, just to name a few!  we are, as always, so excited. 

in the cray cray past few weeks i have truly recognized just how much i absolutely, positively, undeniably love this job.  it makes me happy in a way that few things do.  like finding louis vuitton on sale happy, accidentally stumbling upon a sample sale happy, winning the lottery happy.  it’s true!  i was on the phone with a bride this week and she said to me that after we’d all left a meeting together, she told her husband, “i want to love my job as much as she does, i want to be that happy” and it makes my heart smile that my brides know how much i love what i do and i love them!  each and every wedding is personal for me and i’ll do everything i can for my lovely belles. 

soooooo, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend this weekend and can do something fun to celebrate the kickoff of summer. 

we’d like to say thanks to the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom – a sacrifice never forgotten.  as for us?  we’re headed to my favorite place on earth – “the city.”  i’m taking advantage of a weekend off and heading to new york to spend time with family over the weekend and then attend some wonderful industry events during the week so i can bring back oh-so-exciting ideas to your events! 


we will see you next friday.  until then loves! 



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