friday fabulosity! the boudoir photo…


engagement photos, bridal photos, wedding photos…it’s likely that you’ll pose for more photos around your wedding than at any other point in your whole life.  you go shopping, choose the perfect outfits, and perfect your poses in the mirror…but what about a photo shoot sans the perfect outfit or sans outfit at all? 

what do you think about the boudoir photo shoot?  i am loving this idea.  picture this…future husband is with his groomsmen, getting ready to marry you, donning his tux, and you send him a little pre-wedding gift with a note “please open alone.”  can you imagine what he’s going to do when he sees you in nothing but your veil and garter?  what a preview!  it’ll be on his mind all day long, i bet he’ll barely be able to contain himself!

sure, it’s a little risqué but the only people who will see them are you and your groom (unless you post them online to share with the world – this photo courtesy of shelly rose photography 🙂  what do you think loves?  would you bare all for your groom-to-be?  are you too shy?  would you pose au naturale or with your favorite laceys? 

if you’re thinking of doing a boudoir photo shoot, call mellbella boudoir in charleston  –  they are the sister company of one of our favorite photographers, richard bell photography.  as they say on their website, it is their mission to “honor our Bella Beauties and their husbands, with classy and sexy boudoir photography. It’s part of our quest to remind women that they are way more beautiful than they think they are.”  so, if you’re interested, give mell a call – she’s fab!  and tell her  elle sent you!


friday fabulosity! love at first sip…


every year i faithfully attend the bridal show at charleston fashion week with my fabulous friend and assistant erin.  a few years ago we went and, as always, had a terrific time.  after walking around the tent and seeing all of the fabulous decor and goods, we dutifully made our way to the bar to try a tasty treat.  the bartender handed me something that i can only describe as heaven in a glass.  there was champagne, of that i was sure, but there was something else.  not too sweet, not too overwhelming, but a perfect touch of something so perfect it was hard to describe.  i asked the bartender and was informed that it was an elderflower mimosa.  needless to say, the bartender and i were bff’s by the end of the show.  i had more than my fair share.  i searched high and low for my own elderflower ingredients, purchased elderflower infused syrup online, mixed and matched, but it was never the same.  so disappointing…all i had was a memory…

earlier today i was shopping around my local package store for a little weekend pick-me-up to share withImage friends this weekend, searching around for a little something new, chatting away about things to mix with champagne for a new twist when the ever so kind liquor conoiseur (who i was not chatting to mind you) says over my shoulder, “oh you mean the elderflower liqueur?” the what?!  who didn’t tell me about this!?!  you mean they have liqueur?  you don’t have to try to make your own?  because at this point i’m considering growing my own elderflower!  and sure enough, in an unassuming bottle that i would have never given a second glance, there it was – st. germain elderflower liqueur.  i found it, the missing puzzle piece!  elderflower mimosas, here i come!

now why lovelies would I be sharing this with you on a fabulous friday?  well…it’s a perfect signature cocktail for your spring wedding.  mix it with champagne and float a simple white flower on top and it’s both chic and your guests will swoon.  another great thing about it?  it smells  just as incredible as it tastes!  so loves, if you’d like to add a touch of unique to your champagne toast, go get some st. germain.  you’re going to fall in love too, i pretty much promise!

i hope your friday is just as fabulous as mine will be as i’ll be spending some quality time with old friends and my new friend, st. germain!  cheers!


the offish dana and shane post


i gave you guys a ‘teaser’ of dana and shane’s wedding a few weeks ago.  they got married in november at st. lukes chapel and the gold ballroom at the francis marion hotel.  i met dana and her mom and knew immediately that i was in for a great event.  dana is from the charleston area but is now living in washington with her new hubby who is in the air force (more to come about that later).  dana is one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met.  she was all about color on her wedding day – bright pinks and purples – accented with black and bling!  she used ok florist in summerville for her flowers and they truly did an incredible job.

they got married to harp music at st. lukes chapel.  the ceremony was officiated by melanie murray of my weddings your way and departed the chapel through the sword cordon from the charleston air force base.  they left the chapel in an absolutely charleston trolley and headed to the francis marion hotel where they partied the night away, set to music by creative sound!  the photos were taken by nathan and mel bell from richard bell photograpy.  i’m always blown away by the quality of nathan and mel’s work.  they are truly talented artists.  all photos are courtesy of nathan and mel, thanks guys! 

dana brought charleston into her tables by placing charleston-themed street signs on each table to guide guests to their seats. 

the groom and groomsmen had custom shirts underneath their tuxes (and uniforms) to represent their own personal style and sang a special song to the bride, after donning accessories from the photobooth of course. 

and the cakes?  oh…my…goodness!  dana and shane had two cakes by cakes by kasarda who did a beyond incredible job.  in addition to the stunning classic cake, dana surprised shane with a custom-made c-17 cake unlike anything i’ve ever seen.  look at these cakes! 

after dancing the night away, dana and shane left the francis marion hotel by cinderella coach.  the night of their wedding was soooo chilly but i have a feeling they managed to stay warm. 

i felt so so blessed to be a part of this couple’s wedding.  they were so much fun.  and elle courtney events wishes them a lifetime of happiness and memories.

i’m so excited…and i just can’t hide it!


“i’m so excited, and i just can’t hide it…”

i’ve practically been dancing my socks off all day! 2012 is already shaping up to be such a spectacularly stellar year for elle courtney events! i’m sooooooo excited!

we’re already planning some incredible events with even more incredible brides! the ideas are super fab and oh so unique – rustic and preppy and chic…oh my! we’re looking forward to seeing some of our favorite vendors, decorating our fave venues, working with some new contributors, and hearing all of your ideas!

i can barely contain myself!

til later loves, i’m loving, laughing, and plannin’!

friday fabulosity! a pop of color…


it’s a new year…and i’m feeling good!

welcome back to the first friday fab post of 2012!  yay!  we’re so exciting to be spotting and sharing only the newest and hottest trends of 2012 and starting ever-so-soon we’ll be featuring our favorite people in our vendor spotlights and going on the scene to bring you the best of the best when it comes to charleston venues.  so keep in touch! but now, on to our very first friday fab of 2012…

the first time i saw this new trend was this summer.  my bride jess showed me her yellow tulle skirt to be worn under her dress and i fell in love.  it’s the perfect pop of color to your a typically all white ensemble, no?  a “business on top, party underneath” if you will!  clearly even the groom loved this unique touch.  and now, thanks to my trend-setting bride, this pretty little detail is popping up all over the place. 

spring will be here before you know it.  and what’s so great about spring?  the beautiful colors obvi.  so, will you be sporting this new trend at your spring wedding?  i think it’s just fab!

see you next friday loves!  live, love and plan!

photo cred:  marshall graham photograpy

everybody’s doing it…elle’s on SALE!!


hurry hurry hurry! get it before it’s gone!  Imageit’s elle courtney events’ very own after christmas sale!

who doesn’t love an after christmas sale?  i know i do! 

in honor of the new year we’re putting all of our services on sale!  book between now and march 1st and get 10% off our package prices for remaining available dates in 2012. 

is it too good to be true?  no way!

when booking just reference the ‘2012 sale’ and boom! 

eek!  now go take the money you’re saving on me and go shopping for you!

happy 2012!


happy new year loves! Did you get what you asked for? Something sparkly under the tree? A new years eve proposal perhaps? Elle Courtney is ready for a superbly exciting year. If you did get that something sparkly you were hoping for, be sure to call Elle and let us help you plan your perfect day!

And feel free to share your bling on our Facebook page!


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